Cartoonofmylife: Finished result wedding anniversary gift


Made this one for a client who is celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary. It´s based on a dance they did in their wedding to the song “intergalactic” by Beasty Boys. I named it “LauraLove” cause it´s a gift celebrating love and commitment through marriage. And now it´s finally finished! Hurray. What you think?

lauralove1Cheers, MayPaj

Good morning!

Morning to you! I cant believe it is dec 1st! Time passes so quickly. And now it´s only 12 days till we go to Gran Canaria to meet up with my grandparents and mom and dad. Hurray! It´s gonna be so nice to feel the sun and the warmth.

Right now I am enjoying my morning coffee and then I am gonna study, study, study. So much to read and do before christmas. And next weekend Thea is coming to visit from Norway! Hurray. Here is a picture from me and Lucas´ wedding this summer where Thea Image

(and Åsne) was my best “men” 😉

Anyways, gotta start reading! 

Over andout. Cheers, Maypaj


Wedding-festival 2013


This is some pictures that my aunt Inger took at our wedding this summer. Our wedding celebration lasted for a whole week, therefore we decided to call it a wedding-festival instead. It was so great! Enjoy the pictures!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Ben and Jerry´s, skype and a picture from my wedding

After munching Ben and Jerry´s “Peanutt Butter me up” I fell asleep. Haha.


But now I just woke up and am now continuing my X-files marathon.

I skyped with my lovely husband earlier today and he is coming down soon since it´s both mine and his birthday next week.

Im so excited to see him! ❤ This is a picture from our wedding this summer.