New blog-design and new music


Today I have worked on my retake, played wordfeud, skyped my cousin and my friend Margit and watched series. Oh, and I also changed my blogdesign. What do you guys think?:-)

Margit showed me this great music that I have to share with you guys. Enjoy! And have a nice sunday.

Cheers, MayPaj.

Working on my retake. Then going for beer!

Hi peeps!

Today I am working on my retake in New Media Theories. Finally got really started! So I am quite happy with myself! 😉 hehe. 


Later I am going to meet Renske and René for beer and speak norwegian/english with them so they can practice their norwegian for their study. They are so nice! And they love ‘melkesjokolade’. Or at least I know René does. So if anyone in Norway wants to make her happy send her chocolate! 😉


We are talking about planning a trip to Norway this year 🙂 Yey! Hope we can manage to do that. Anyways, enough thoughts for now and back to study. Wish me luck!

Cheers, Maypaj. 



Boy and Bear – Fall at your feet


I just love this song! Been listening to it about a hundred times the last day while I have bee writing on my retake in New Media Theories…zzz. Hope you guys like it as well! 😉
Cheers, MayPaj.

Facebook is the new terrorist tool

Day three of the datasprint is going good. It is actually nice to be back at school again. Specially since I am hanging with these cool guys, Serkan, Sander and Mitch. Plus Michael and Jennifer of course (who did not attend the awesome group picture I wanted to take).


Anyways, as you can see we are all very engaged. The topic of the assignment we are working on is Dutch Jihad Facebook groups, which we are doing a social network study of to reveal how social media is used to recrute and spread information within real life and online networks.  Interesting! Wish us luck!

Cheers, May.

Study day

Today I have just been drinking tea, eating pizza and using all my brain cells so solve the last assignment in New Media theories. Argh, so hard! But finally starting to get somewhere. Puh! But that’s how life should be when you are a student, right? It is hard learning!But right now I am rewarding myself with ice-cream and ‘Dexter’ ❤ 


Yummy yummy!

Over and out. Cheers, May


Good morning!

Morning to you! I cant believe it is dec 1st! Time passes so quickly. And now it´s only 12 days till we go to Gran Canaria to meet up with my grandparents and mom and dad. Hurray! It´s gonna be so nice to feel the sun and the warmth.

Right now I am enjoying my morning coffee and then I am gonna study, study, study. So much to read and do before christmas. And next weekend Thea is coming to visit from Norway! Hurray. Here is a picture from me and Lucas´ wedding this summer where Thea Image

(and Åsne) was my best “men” 😉

Anyways, gotta start reading! 

Over andout. Cheers, Maypaj


Cat, coffee and good company!

I finally got company! And we had late lunch and coffee before both me and Alessio had ourselves one inspiration beer each. So now we are being super productive!ImageImageBut we had to have a little “cat-break” and pet the amazing cat that lives here. It is so cute and fluffy and cool! ❤ImageOh well, back to work!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Inspiration beer

Wow. After working for hours with the assignment I really needed a inspiration beer! So I grabbed a “Leffe Blonde”, and its so good. One of my favorites. And also me, Kaspar and Lucas ordered sushi for dinner. Yum!

Bilde tatt 19.10.2013 kl. 18.16

Watch out for the GTA sofa-gangsters!

Wandering what Lucas and Kaspar is up to? Take a good guess…GTA, of course. Haha. 


Me? Studying and joking with my little brother, Emil. 


Yeah, our beauty lies in the family. Moahaha. 



“Cyber-bullying” and “digital hangovers”

Hey again!

Right now I am working on my group assignment for monday. The topic of our assignment is “digital hangovers” and solutions and ways to cover your tracks once you have embarrassing content of yourself online. My task, or one of my many tasks, is to write about cyber-bullying in addition to digital hangovers and show similarities and differences. It´s really interesting!

You should check out our blog on monday when it´s finished. The address is Right now there is not much on it, but from next week you can get help with your “digital hangover”, if you have one. Pretty cool and genius, hah?

Anyways, gotta get back to work.

ImageOver and out. Cheers, Maypaj.