Study day

Today I have just been drinking tea, eating pizza and using all my brain cells so solve the last assignment in New Media theories. Argh, so hard! But finally starting to get somewhere. Puh! But that’s how life should be when you are a student, right? It is hard learning!But right now I am rewarding myself with ice-cream and ‘Dexter’ ❤ 


Yummy yummy!

Over and out. Cheers, May


Pancake recovery + first day at school tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have my first real day at school. yuhuu! I am so excited and a bit nervous!

To recover so I could do my homework, me and Sam whent to a pancake place located three minutes away from where we live called “The pancake bakery”. ImageImage


They had really great pancakes, but the prices are a bit stiff. We paid around 17 euros each for one huge pancake and a small beer. But even so I´m probably going back again to try their pancake with banana and nutella. YUM!

Well, I now did my homework since my school starts tomorrow. Each and one of the students, unfortunaly included me, has to hold a powerpoint presentation about themselfs in front of the whole class. Yikes! So I made one today.

ImageAnd now I am reading to prepare myself for the lecture tomorrow. Student life, here I come!

Over and out. Cheers Maypaj.


Since there are so many new people to get to know I decided to make a filmserie where the different people I meet introduce themselfs. This way I get to know them a little bit better and I can start practising on remembering their names and what they do. Smart, right?

Over and out.

Cheers, Maypaj

Super awesome party at “Mediamatic Fabriek”

Today I am going to a student party at the Media Fabriek. Why? Because PRISM BREAK feat. DJs Emile Zile & J-Baggs (ABNIC) and Rosa Menkman (visuals) is going to play there. I don´t have a clue of how their music sounds, but their stage names sound so cool that I gotta go.


Well, the mainreason for attending is of course to get to now the New Media students better. I met my class earlier today at the welcome meeting and they seem really nice!


So now I am drinking wine and loading up for a good night.


And the best thing of all: I got a chair! Wohoo! Or, I have borrowed a chair and it feels so goof to sit in it!Image

Tomorrow I will have a photo dump to show you have fun and super awesome the party was! Wooojah!

Over and out for now.

Cheers, Maypaj.