Cartoon of my life: One of the many challenges of marriage

Married life is as any other relationship; its hard work! But absolutely worth it. They key to a happy marriage, I have found, is to compromise. But with that said, its not always easy! Especially when your wife has flash self-proclaimed cartoonist and produces seven strips a day, or more, and need confirmation on every single strip she creates. (Ahem. Yes, the hopeless wife’s me. In case you were wondering). Luckily for me Lucas is a very patient husband! And in this case I usually tend to get the attention that I want for my fabulous artwork. Moahaha. Just see:

(ps. click on the image to enlarge it)


You see! The wife always win. Moahahahahahaha.

Cheers, Wifey

Cartoon of my life: New nails, hot or not?

I finally understood the saying ‘One must suffer for beauty!’I say no more. Haha. 

Cheers, May



Cartoon of my life: Maypaj as Hollywood star

I am very very very excited about my new, shiny, looooong nails! So happy about them that I started daydreaming about how hot I would like if i treated myself this much more often, just like Hollywood stars do. Ahhhhh…but then again i woke up snoring and confused looking like nothing but a star. Oh well,there is no law against dreaming! Moahaha.