Seriously, check this series out!

Hola at you!

Still sick, still watching series, still spooning shark. So tomorrow I am seeing the doctor.


Anyways, I just started watching “Bron I I Broen” or “The Bridge” (as it is called in English) season 2.

Ola Kjelbye

And the two first episodes are just as good and thrilling as the first season. If you haven´t seen it,  you should absolutely check it out!

Here´s the trailer:

And the theme song, “Hollow Talk” by “Choir of young believers” is amazingly beautiful!

Hope you enjoy!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Shark-spooning and listening to First Aid Kit´s “Dancing barefoot” (Patti smith cover)

Wondering what exciting adventures I´m up to? Well, sorry to bore you but I am still in bed watching series and spooning my shark ❤


But I wanted to share this great cover of Patti Smith´s “Dancing Barefoot”, sung by First Aid Kit. It must be one of the greatest covers I know. Enjoy!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Sickness = ultimate lameness


Sorry I haven´t been posting so much fun stuff the last couple of days, but I am still sick, and it´s no fun, so that´s why. My body is getting tired and painfull of lying all the time. But what to do, hah?

So I am stuck in bed with series for the third day. Wooh. Never thought I was gonna say that I could get tired of doing that, but I acually am. So if you want to make my life better, send me suggestions of really good films and series. I really need it!


over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Making art and trying to make new friends

Hola! So since Im sick and tired of being sick I decided to make some artsy fartsy stuff while I am in the fever-fog-nausea and try to make new friends on Facebook. This is how it went.





Enough with my artsy pictures. This is how my friendship quest went.


Skjermbilde 2013-09-30 kl. 21.06.36

Hurray! This is a proof of me and Sam´s good and forever lasting friendship! Mission accomplished.


Then I had to celebrate that me and my group passed our assignment.

Skjermbilde 2013-09-30 kl. 21.16.04
Skjermbilde 2013-09-30 kl. 21.16.19

As you can see that did´nt go so well. Until…

Skjermbilde 2013-09-30 kl. 21.19.28





Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.



Eminem – “Puke” + Ice tea and “Burn notice”

So unfortunately I am still sick after sleeping for hours. So I found a cozy song by Eminem that kind of describes how I feel, except bacterias make me puke, not Lexi.

Anyways, here I am drinking ice-tea and trying to watch “Burn notice”.

Image Image

Over and out for now. Cheers, Maypaj.