So, this is apparntly how I spend my freetime. Lying in bushed, wiggling my toes, talking to cats and listening to classical music. Ah, the joys of life!

Media party!

Yesterday after class we all went to P96 to have beers with students and the teachers from the humanities. We all got three beer bongs so we could drink three beers for free, and people really seemed to enjoy themselfs. I was so lucky to get four beer bongs because Chelsea from my class had to bicycle far far away to have dinner and therefore she couldĀ“nt drink to much. Anyways, I of course volunteered as a photographer and took pictures of some of the great people I met. I also made a super short film for yah! ;-)Enjoy!


And heres the super short film, haha!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.