Dinner with Alessio and Sam – Italian style!

Today I woke up with a massive hangover and this message on Facebook:


So no more beers and tequila on me for a while.

Luckily my hangover disappeared quite quick today by some magic reason, so when Alessio (my italian neighbor) invited me to cook dinner with him I said yes!

After shopping for veggie-italian food at “Albert Heijn” we went back with shoppingbags filled with blue cheese, potato-pasta and spinach. Sam also joined us for dinner which was nice. The food turned out delicious!



After dinner we chilled out and discussed tattoos and piercings and hippos and sharks. bruce_chum_anchor Flodhest hai2.lpg




Then we went to my room to hnag out with Lucas, drink wine, discuss music and of course GTA V.


Then I had two of these lovely “mergpijpens”. One to many. They are so filling! But so tasty and sweet. Yum!Image

Now I am gonna watch “The Hobbit” or some crime series.

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.