Cartoonofmylife: AmsterdamByBike with Gunnar

Welcome to today´s cartoon update from my life in Amsterdam!

Today has been pretty chill. But Gunnar and I had a bike ride in Amsterdam and explored this beautiful, pulsating city by night. It was super nice! And Gunnar is of course in love with Amsterdam, as you can see of the cartoon.

bicyclegunnarHope you have had a nice Sunday as well. And thanks for stopping by my cartoon blog. Stay tuned for more crazy cartoon coolness.

Adios, MayPaj

Good night!

Just drew this picture! Its me on a bike going fast down Prinsengracht! Haha. 


Anyways, have a good night!

Cheers, MayPaj

Cartoon: Lucas reading


100 followers! Juhu!

Im so happy! Thats why I decided to make you guys this awesome drawing! Like it? Moahahaha. 


cheers, MayPaj.

Skyping with my norwegian friend Thea

Sorry it’s in Norwegian folks!


Lunch with Renée and Renske at Amsterdams best bakery


Today I had lunch with Renée and Renske at a really nice place that is reckoned as one of Amsterdam’s best bakeries! Yum! Unfortunately the place has a very difficult name, which is hard to pronounce and to remember, so I dont remember the name right now. Haha. Sorry! On today’s lunch agaenda we had the brown cheese debate (LOL), Freia melkesjokolade and drittsekker (stupid boys). It kinda was like this: 


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.


My life as a cartoon: Monday morning