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Solo-celebration with Oreo-cookies and milk in a beer-glass!


Today Ariadna, Annika and I finally finished and handed in or new media research methods paper about the history of web and the history of the web page Woop, woop! Hurray!


So after the last stressful days, with reading, writing and alnighters, I am going to peace out and chill down and enjoy the rest of this lovely friday on the couch with Oreo-cookies and milk.


In other words, the beer is replaced by milk today. Why? Because I tend to meet very strange people and make weird friends when I go out, like this guy, that I met on Sams birthday. He is nice and all but….yeah, you know.


But I hope the rest of my lovely amsterdam friends and norwegian party-lions have a awesome night and a great weekend!

Cheers, May!

Wow. Should I cry or laugh?


Ever wandered what the cock says? No, me neither. But if you do, watch Jan Thomas´parody of “The Fox” here.

OMG. I don´t know if I should cry or laugh, so over and out for now.
Cheers, Maypaj.

My most successful pancake ever!

Hurray! I just made my most successful pancake thus far! And I feel a bit better so I can finally eat real food again as well, so this pancake is going down!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

The day after…

Celebration was good! Now is not so good.

ImageBut it´s OK. Cause I had so much fun yesterday.

Now my mission is to study a bit more and then watch series and then maybe go out for beer with Cristal tonight. In norway we call this sunday-beer-thingy “Fuck up your monday´s”. And there is even a super cool club called “BLÅ” where you can listen to great music by “Frank Znort” while you do it. Maybe they have a place like that in Amsterdam as well? They better have. We´ll see.

Anyways, back to my tea and study-mission.

Ps. since I´ve got 50 followers now I am gonna celebrate it with a “Kinder Bueno” (not pancakes this time) Hurray!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Breakfast fun

My ketchup- face-bread is just as happy for studying as I am. LOL.


Seafood wok ala Maypaj. Norwegian style!

So yesterday I made this really great wok with noodles, veggies and seafood! Wok ala Norway! And I decided to share this great recipe with you guys!


Here it is:

spring onion

red onion



chilli paste

fish sauce

soy sauce



egg noodles


So you do this:

Cut the veggies.

Unfreeze the salmon.

Put on the kettle with noodles.

Turn the heat on maximun.

Cook up the veggies with the salmon.

Add the spring onions and the smallest veggies at the end so they don´t get to burned.

Add the shrimps.

Mix the noodles with the wok.

Add fish sauce, soysauce and the chillipaste.

Mix it good!



Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.