Cartoonofmylife: Watching NL-ARG match!


In a couple of hours this is gonna be me watching Netherland – Argentina!




So excited!



Enjoy the game peeps! And have a good evening!

Cheers, MayPaj


Voorspelfret predict Mexico – Netherlands WK match 2014



Thanks for stopping by! As mentioned in a earlier blogpost, Lucas (my hubby) and I made a World Cup film for ‘actiecode’ with this lovely ‘voorspel’ ferret on friday.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

We had so much fun, but I tell yah, ferrets are tricky moviestars! Ylva just ran away chasing ducks instead, haha. But we made it anyway, and here is the result. Ferrets know stuff! So get your bets on 😉 And if you want to see more from the fuzzybutt el bandido ferret you can check out her Instagram account: Ylvadefret.

Wish you a great day! And enjoy tonights match between Mexico and Netherlands!


May and the fuzzybutt ferret

Loading up for filmshoot in Westerpark


Today I am going to do a ‘World Cup prediction shoot’ where the ferret is gonna predict Sunday’s match-Mexico vs. Netherlands.


Movie will come here when its finished! 😉



Cat-cuddling coffee time with Renske


Since the ferret is staying at a friends place until we find a new place to live in Amsterdam, it is nice that Garfield the neighbor cat is hanging around in the garden outside. He is the ultimate cuddle-machine. Hihi. So I force-cuddled him a lot yesterday,and a bit today while Renske and I had coffee and lunch at my place.

P1120283 P1120284

P1120300 P1120301 P1120302 P1120306We had a really good time, drinking loads of coffee and tea, eating bagels with hagelschlag and peanuttbutter , cuddling the cat and chatting about life.

Cheers, Maypaj


Socializing with the young folks

After meeting two cool kids yesterday I was still happy when the opportunity to meet more students came today. Many of them had placed themselfs in a the garden, which is right out from my livingroom. And I brought a bottle of wine and joined them. There are so many nice and interesting people here from all over the world. I love Amsterdam in the first place but after meeting so many good people today I think I love this city even more.


Tomorrow morning I have been invited to go to see the film museum with som other students. I am really looking forward to it if I can manage to get up early enough! :-p

Got another song for ya all that I think is perfect for this post: Young folks, Peter Bjorn and John.

Over and out for tonight. Sweet dreams, Maypaj.

Shopping at Waterloopleinmarkt

Day 2:

Today I decided to buy a bike since I am going to live here for at least one year while I study a master at the UvA. So I went to the flee market in Waterlooplein to look for a functioning, half ugly bike and a good bargain. After walking a round for a while I fell in love with this blue and ramshackled bike.

My old-new blue bike.

And after bargain for a good while I got it for 45 euros even though the owner had tried to rob me for 65 euros. It was a pretty good deal since another guy had tried to sell me a lousy bike for 80 euros. So I am very satisfied!

Then I went across the street and bought a ringing bell, front- and backlight and a pink lock and got this lovely man (the owner of the shop) to install it for me. Wohoo! These netherlanders are nice!

The nice shop owner who helped me out.

I also discovered that they had smoothie and juice for only 1 euro!

Smoothie bar.Mmmm. So I bought one of those as well before I bicycled happily back to my apartment.


Thoughts this far: Amsterdam is awesome! Waterlooplein markt is really worth a visit if you are looking for cool old stuff and vintage clothing. Absolutely a “to do” when you are in the city. Check out for more info.

Over and out for now! Cheers, MayPaj.