Cartoon of my life: Sunbathing and solo BBQ in the green garden


Since today is national holiday im off from work. And I have spent my day in the garden sunbathing, listening to music and reading. Then I decided to have a BBQ, and I asked everyone in the building if they wanted to join, but on off them could handle the heat and the moisty air. So I ended opp doing it solo. It was yummulicious! 


Artsyfartsy: ‘Monkey-business’


Linnea Olsson – Dinosaur

Hooked on this! Listen, love, enjoy! Have a nice day!

Cheers, MayPaj

Photodump: Grillparty part two


How was your monday? Mine was good. I have been eating ice-cream and chilling in the sun. Ahh…nice!

Here are some more pics from yesterdays amazing grill party!



Have a great evening! And thanks for stopping by! Appreciate it!

Cheers, Maypaj.


Cartoon of my life: Beers, music and spotting ‘the drittsekk’


I had a blast yesterday watching Daan perform at ‘Delikatessen’ and chatting and drinking beer with Renske and Renée. Renée was working in the bar so unfortunately I ddi not see that much to her, but me and Renske drank like norwegian beer champions and got pretty buzzy. The music was great! Although it was much hipster-indie-singer-songwriter-music. Haha. 

And Renske spotted the ‘drittsekk’ (norwegian word for asshole) that hit on her a couple of weeks ago. It was all very nice until it turned out he was living with his girlfriend. Ahahaha. BUSTED! But luckily for Renske and the rest of yah singel girls out there, there are plenty of fishy, fishes in the ocean. so steer away from the bastards! 

Here is a strip about the first part of the evening. More oming up soon. Just need  a hangover break. Fun yesterday = not fun today.


PS:Click on the image to enlarge it.


Cheers, Maypaj.


Lana Del Rey |”Tropico” (Short art movie)


Wow! I am actually really impressed over Lana Del Rey´s video skills. In her short film, “Tropico”, she creates a magical universe with eccentric, dreamy and gloomy aesthetic, conceptual symbol consumption, poetic language and cultural and religious references. I really enjoyed it. Hope you do to! Have a nice weekend!
Cheers, MayPaj.

Young dreams – “Fog of war”

Goodnight pretty people!

Here is a song for you. I love it! Hope you like it to.

Cheers, Maypaj

Just ordered tickets to “Gogol Bordello” concert in Amsterdam!


Last time I saw them was at the Roskilde-festival in 2009. Wohoo! It´s gonna be so great to see them again! Enjoy the song!
Cheers, Maypaj.

K-Paul feat Que Toi: the perfect chillout night soundtrack


I dig this song. Its so chill and cool. Hope you enjoy it as well!
Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Vampire Weekend and Coffee = good morning!

Good morning to yah all!

We are having a quite good morning here in Amsterdam, listening to Vampire weekend, drinking coffee and watching Kaspar playing GTA V (he is quite bad at it, which makes it fun!) Moahaha.


Have a nice saturday!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypa, Lucas and Kaspar.