Cartoon of my life: Busted! Secret night eating gone wrong! NB! Strong pictures!


Cartoon of my life: Eat, sleep, eat! Hangover sunday.


I’ve always loved food! And especially the day after I’ve been out. When I am hungover and tired I all do is cuddle upon the couch with loads of water and snacks to recover while I watch films, series and draw. Kinda looks like this: Eat, sleep, eat, sleep…in a continuous loop. Haha. 

Ps: Click on the image to enlarge it!


Cheers, MayPaj.

Candy crush!

Okay. So I whent bananas at the “Albert Heijn” earlier today and bought loads of candy, chocolate and potatochips. My plan is to get high on suger so that I maybe will be able to read my set texts for thursdays media theory class. Genious plan, I know! moahahahah. So here I go! Wish me luck!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.