Cartoonofmylife: MondayZZzzz

Good Monday morning, and welcome to my newest post about how to deal with Mondays. Read my cartoon and follow my how-to-survive-monday-guide: Drink coffee. Loads of it. And you will be fine.

mondayzzThanks for stopping by! And stay tuned for more awesome cartoons and updates from my life in Amsterdam. Cheers, May

Cartoon of my life:Have a jolly good monday morning!

Hola! Tireeeeed as….zzzzzz.

Anyways, have a nice monday!

(Click on the image to enlarge it).


Over and out!

Cheers, Maypaj.

Monday music that will cheer you up!


Monday is no fun day, but here is a music video that will make the day much much better. I promise!
Listen, love, enjoy!
Cheers, Maypaj