Facebook is the new terrorist tool

Day three of the datasprint is going good. It is actually nice to be back at school again. Specially since I am hanging with these cool guys, Serkan, Sander and Mitch. Plus Michael and Jennifer of course (who did not attend the awesome group picture I wanted to take).


Anyways, as you can see we are all very engaged. The topic of the assignment we are working on is Dutch Jihad Facebook groups, which we are doing a social network study of to reveal how social media is used to recrute and spread information within real life and online networks.  Interesting! Wish us luck!

Cheers, May.

Good morning!

Morning to you! I cant believe it is dec 1st! Time passes so quickly. And now it´s only 12 days till we go to Gran Canaria to meet up with my grandparents and mom and dad. Hurray! It´s gonna be so nice to feel the sun and the warmth.

Right now I am enjoying my morning coffee and then I am gonna study, study, study. So much to read and do before christmas. And next weekend Thea is coming to visit from Norway! Hurray. Here is a picture from me and Lucas´ wedding this summer where Thea Image

(and Åsne) was my best “men” 😉

Anyways, gotta start reading! 

Over andout. Cheers, Maypaj


Trading oatmeal for falafel and being paranoid because of the world we live in


Sorry I have not written in a while. Just been too busy with life aka. assignments, school and sickness. Hurray!

Yesterday I got the greatest deal ever! I gave Sam oatmeal, she bought me falafel! After living on studen “gourmet” food (pasta!) for almost a month it was really good with a change! Yummy yummy!

Anyways. Today I finally finished my research proposal in Media Theories. OMG that was a relief! Writing 2500 words about what you wanna write 6500 word about in your final assignment in the course is a not easy, and not to motivating at times…bah. Even though the topic is interesting. I´ve chosen to write about the relationship between human and technology in our society today in relation to Vilém Flussers “urban city” and Gilles Deleuze´s “society of control”. Super exciting topic, but the more I read but the more I read, the more paranoid I get to live in the world we live in today.

Where Google for example monitors you and gathering gather information from every single trace you leave online so that they can use them to see what the human is concerned about and what our ‘technological needs” are. Then they can sell this information to the big companies that make technology so they  know how to develop the technological gadgets that cover our “technological needs”. The companies make a lot of money, but also influence how we look at the world, communicate with others and through which gadgets we do this. Aaaaa. See why I am getting a bit paranoid? They are probably ‘re watching me right now. Jikes!


Oh well, right now I am being a good studenta nd reading for tomorrows lecture. But it is soon bedtime since I have a 9 am! Yawn…

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

I think its gonna be an alnighter…

Why do I never learn?! I just finished my media theory assignment for tomorrow about “new urbanism” and “assmeblage theory” – hurray! But now I have to catch up with the group assignment for friday in the New media research methods course. Puh! Student life is´nt all about beer and fun, in my case mostly about reading and learning, although I am very good at beers and fun as well. Haha. Oh well, gotta start reading about “the website as archived object”. Interesting, but hard to cope with right now since my mind is all on the “assemblage” and “new urbanism´”. Sooo, wish me luck!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj. 

Listening to old, good music after being kicked out of the UvA yesterday. LOL.

Shit. Just got up. Waaaay to late and exhausted after the assignment marathon yesterday. But we made it!

We worked so late that we got kicked out of UvA yesterday. Haha. Here is the homeless gang!


I just started listening ti Kim Hiorthøy again. Haven´t heard this music in years, so decided to share  a song with you. Enjoy!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Hacker practice


Now I am drinking coffee and loading up for my assignment for tomorrow about “Hacker practice”.


We have to read and do a case study. Bah! Better get started. Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj. 

Back at school!


I am finally feeling better and am now back at school. 


Right now I am having lunch and with these nice champs! It´s good to be back. 

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.