“Cyber-bullying” and “digital hangovers”

Hey again!

Right now I am working on my group assignment for monday. The topic of our assignment is “digital hangovers” and solutions and ways to cover your tracks once you have embarrassing content of yourself online. My task, or one of my many tasks, is to write about cyber-bullying in addition to digital hangovers and show similarities and differences. It´s really interesting!

You should check out our blog on monday when it´s finished. The address is http://digitalhangovers.wordpress.com. Right now there is not much on it, but from next week you can get help with your “digital hangover”, if you have one. Pretty cool and genius, hah?

Anyways, gotta get back to work.

ImageOver and out. Cheers, Maypaj.


Homemade tomatocarrotpearginger-breakfast juice!

Morning! I slept way to long today considering the amount of work I have to do. Baaah. But I decided to relax and have a calm morning anyway. So I made breakfast juice of carrots, tomatoes, pears and ginger.



It´s sooo god! And give your body a real kickstart. So now I am gonna start my set readings about cybernetics.

Wish me luck!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.