Cartoon of my life: Oh <3 Marriage <3! How to make Lucas my personal buttler

Married life i good! I love it! Especially its nice to have your hubby around when you are not feeling to well. For instance I have been having a lot of constant pain in my legs for a week ish now, and I have used the ’sickness’ card more or less everyday since to avoid doing boring stuff. Like picking up the take-away from right outside our door. The sickness card does not always work, but I have managed to get it my way more than usual. And me likezzz it! Moahahaha. Evil wife laught. Just kidding. Or am I? Mehehe. 


Anyways, wish you all a jolley good evening!

Cheers, Maypaj

Cartoon of my life: Lucas’ way of solving my cartoon-addiction!

Welcome to marriage problems part 2. HAHA!

So I have something to confess. I am addicted to drawing cartoons. Pah, there I said it. Good to get it out there. Lucas likes my cartoons but is getting a bit tired of me yelling at him all the time, constantly seeking confirmation and a pet on the shoulder, haha, so he decided to ’solve my addiction’ and get rid of my nagging by ruining my previous cartoon. Ahhhhhhhhhh! We had a intense fight over the drawing pad and pen. Hahahah. So annoying some times that mustache man! But we had a good time fighting while he was laughing his evil laugh and drawing shit all over my cartoon. Oh, married life ❤Image


Cheers, Maypaj

Cartoon of my life: Cuddlesession and movie-night gone wrong


so today has been a slow and lazy cuddle monday. The only problem is that every time I cuddle Lucas it takes three minutes (max!) and I fall asleep. I guess I am a simple soul that way. Touch my head and it’s zzzzzzz……moahaha.  So in other words, there was no movie-night after all. Oh well, next time maybe…hahaahha. 



Cartoon of my life: One of the many challenges of marriage

Married life is as any other relationship; its hard work! But absolutely worth it. They key to a happy marriage, I have found, is to compromise. But with that said, its not always easy! Especially when your wife has flash self-proclaimed cartoonist and produces seven strips a day, or more, and need confirmation on every single strip she creates. (Ahem. Yes, the hopeless wife’s me. In case you were wondering). Luckily for me Lucas is a very patient husband! And in this case I usually tend to get the attention that I want for my fabulous artwork. Moahaha. Just see:

(ps. click on the image to enlarge it)


You see! The wife always win. Moahahahahahaha.

Cheers, Wifey