Waterloopleinmarkt, here I come! But first: Lil BUB´s Big Show

Morning peeps!

Margit showed me this really fun and retarded cat yesterday. To cheer you up and make sunday morning better I am going to share it with you guys. This cat is so stupid! I love it!:-p Just look at it! Hahaha.


Today I am going to the Waterloopleinmarkt with some friends from Prinsengracht. So excited! I love the 1 euro smoothies they got there! Yum! But I also enjoy walking around looking at all the weird and sometimes cool stuff they got there. Today I am gonna look for spraypaint for my bike and maybe repair my bike a bit.  And then I am gonna look for a cool cloth. Wish me luck!

Over and out, Cheers, Maypaj.