Cartoon of my life: Lucas’ way of solving my cartoon-addiction!

Welcome to marriage problems part 2. HAHA!

So I have something to confess. I am addicted to drawing cartoons. Pah, there I said it. Good to get it out there. Lucas likes my cartoons but is getting a bit tired of me yelling at him all the time, constantly seeking confirmation and a pet on the shoulder, haha, so he decided to ’solve my addiction’ and get rid of my nagging by ruining my previous cartoon. Ahhhhhhhhhh! We had a intense fight over the drawing pad and pen. Hahahah. So annoying some times that mustache man! But we had a good time fighting while he was laughing his evil laugh and drawing shit all over my cartoon. Oh, married life ❤Image


Cheers, Maypaj

“If it fits, I sits”


Stole this video from my friend Margit. It´s so cute! Enjoy!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.