Cartoon of my life: Fighting flower cows

So…this happens to me every summer when I go to Norway to spend vacation at my parents summerhouse at ‘Jomfruland’. Wild, live cows walking around = wild west at the Island Jomfruland. Why? Because cows take what they want, like my pretty, freshly picked flowers, and after that, they shit where they like.  Oh, cannot wait for summer! 


Have a great thursday evening! And hang in there, tomorrow it’s friday! Hurray hurray!

Cheers, MayPaj. 

Wedding-festival 2013


This is some pictures that my aunt Inger took at our wedding this summer. Our wedding celebration lasted for a whole week, therefore we decided to call it a wedding-festival instead. It was so great! Enjoy the pictures!

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Pictures from Norway


Miss my family a bit so I decided to look at some pictures from this spring. Here they are. Enjoy!



Me and my mom.Image

The amazing sunset at my grandparents summerhouse at Bjønnes.Image

My cousins boyfriend Hans Petter. Cool guy!Image

Lucas at the pier at Jomfruland. Image

Lucas at the beach at Jomfruland.Image

My fishingman. Image

Me and my grandpa.Image

My cool cousin Mirja. Image

Mirja and Hans Petter at a late night. Image

My dad, mom, aunt Kari and her husband Nils Erik at our summerhouse at Jomfruland. Image

My dad loves fishing.Image


My cousins cat, “Pusa”.

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Ben and Jerry´s, skype and a picture from my wedding

After munching Ben and Jerry´s “Peanutt Butter me up” I fell asleep. Haha.


But now I just woke up and am now continuing my X-files marathon.

I skyped with my lovely husband earlier today and he is coming down soon since it´s both mine and his birthday next week.

Im so excited to see him! ❤ This is a picture from our wedding this summer.