Daan-day at ‘Daan&Daan’ bar + dinner at Renée <3


Yesterday me and Lucas went to Daan day at ‘Daan & Daan’, a bar close to where Renée and Daan lives. There we had a couple of beers with Renske included before we had a lovely veggie dinner at R and D´s place. Yummy!


The lovely people! Lucas, Renée, Daan and Renske.


Lucas got a new friend, the cat Marie. Prrrr, prrr.Image

And I found myself a new wig! Moaha. Made out of a Norwegian troll souvenir. Lol.

Had a bit to much yummylishious wine also, so today we have been taking it slow and chill. Just started watching this new series today called ‘The Bletchley Circle’. It is thrilling! Worth checking out. Now I am gonna put myself back on the couch and watch more before I have a early night tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Over and out.

Cheers, MayPaj.

What´s friday nigh like in real life? Wine, good people,series and homemade pasta


So I when to Viki´s room to socialize tonight. I had a really good time and so many people complimented my tattoo ❤ Hurray!


Then I whent to Dora´s room to chill down and go slow and talk gossip and bullshit and have a good time. And now I am eating homemade chilli-veggie-pasta, which I made earlier today. YUM!Image

And now I am gonna watch series – the X- files. Or Dexter.  But first, a good-night duck pose for yah! XXX. Sweet dreams!

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Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.