Cartoon of my life: This friday’s Flipit party!

Hello peeps!

Hope you are having a great sunday!

On friday ‘Imbull’, the company that I work for, had a great party! Me and my hubby had a blast enjoying the good company of my co-workers and others I had not met before, the free bar and the yummy catering food! Saturday morning we managed to carouse home in a taxi, eat night food and pass out till next day. 



Saturday was not as awesome as friday. To put it gentle. But one cannot have fun all the time, or what? The price for fun is a hell of a hangover!


But it was definitely worth it! Haha.

Today I have jogged in the rain in ‘Westerpark’ and been in the city fixing stuff. Now I am gonna chill, draw some more, watch crime series and chillax. Tomorrow morning it is back at work with my great colleagues 🙂 You guys should check out the site : it is called, and they have loads of kupongcodes, discounts and offers to many online stores, like Zalando, Nelly, Ellos, H&M and so on! Really cool concept! 

Anyways, enough bragging and sneak commercializing! hahaha :p

I wish you all a great evening! Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers, MayPaj


The hangover

I had an amazing day yesterday with the most awesome birthdaycake ever(!), loads of drinks, a cool-crazy concert in a cool bulge and som many super great people! You guys made my day! Thank you so much!

Today I am so hungover that I think I am gonna die. But I made my 9.00 class and delieverd my assignment, a concept map as my teacher commented and said that it looked as if it was made by “a crazy person” ( thanks for that one teach!) and now I am back home eating breakfast.

My plan the rest of the day is series, tea, food and cuddling with my shark and Lucas (if he is not to hung up on his new game “grand theft auto 5” which he got for his birthday). ImageImageImage


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

The day after…

Celebration was good! Now is not so good.

ImageBut it´s OK. Cause I had so much fun yesterday.

Now my mission is to study a bit more and then watch series and then maybe go out for beer with Cristal tonight. In norway we call this sunday-beer-thingy “Fuck up your monday´s”. And there is even a super cool club called “BLÅ” where you can listen to great music by “Frank Znort” while you do it. Maybe they have a place like that in Amsterdam as well? They better have. We´ll see.

Anyways, back to my tea and study-mission.

Ps. since I´ve got 50 followers now I am gonna celebrate it with a “Kinder Bueno” (not pancakes this time) Hurray!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Saturday night skype with Margit <3

After power-napping for three hours and finishing my assignment for tomorrow I skyped with one of my lovely and best friends from Norway, Margit. This is briefly how the conversation whent:ImageMargit:hello!Burp a durp. HANGOVER. Durpatyuråal. Ahhhh.

Me:Hola! Yeah, HANGOVER me 2, burp burå a durp durp. Lolllolini.

ImageMargit: Burp burp, boys are bastards, burpadurp.

Me: Yah. Burp, burp durp durp, mhm, burpadurp.

ImageMargit:  I look dead. moahaha.Tired. Burpadurp. ZZZ. Durp, burp.

Me: Moahahaha. Me to. Look like a corpse. Hanover. Burpdurp.

ImageMargit: Burdp, durp, pretending to pick my nose. Burp. Hahah. Durp…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Burpagood night!

Me: Moahahaha:-p. Durpaturpdurp. LOL. We are so pretty today. Durp. I = drink Wine ❤ durpnight!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.


You can´t have fun al the time, so here I am studying while I am super hungover. Bah! Oh, well, at least I got snacks ❤ Makes life a bit better…


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.