So, this is apparntly how I spend my freetime. Lying in bushed, wiggling my toes, talking to cats and listening to classical music. Ah, the joys of life!

Photodump: Grillparty part two


How was your monday? Mine was good. I have been eating ice-cream and chilling in the sun. Ahh…nice!

Here are some more pics from yesterdays amazing grill party!



Have a great evening! And thanks for stopping by! Appreciate it!

Cheers, Maypaj.


Photodump: Flexing ze muscles


Photodump ala early spring: Amsterdam I love you!

I like being a grown up. Cause that means that I can do whatever I want, like eating ice-cream that Vas gave me for breakfast. Yum yum! Here you can see he was enjoying one himself.Image

This photo is taken the last time Renske and I went for beer. I borrowed her hat to camouflage myself. Did not succeed. Unfortunately. Haha. But we had a awesome time!Image

Got tipsy on two beers. Lol. Getting old perhaps?Image

Trever and Vas enjoying their ice-cream and the warming sun in the garden at PG. Nice!Image

Vas practices for his next photo-shoot. Yes, the topic is pornography. Image

Goodtims! I love these guys!Image

Renske is hiding behind her beer trying to escape me from capturing the goodtimes! Haha. She failed.Image

Garfield the cat. The ultimate cuddlemachine. Always around begging for food. Mrrrr. Image

Two beers later…Image

Fuck shopping. Im eating pancakes and watching series instead!

Since I found out that the Waterlooplein market is closed on sundays, I decided to have a chill day  instead. I made pancakes for breakfast and invited Nico, Sam, Harry and some other people over but lovely Diana was the only one who came, all the other were to hungover from Nico´s birthday yesterday. haha.


Me and Diana had a great time!

I also enjoyed Justin´s jamming in the garden.


And petting “Garfield” the cat. ImageImage

But now it´s time for series. Since I finished breaking bad s05 yesterday I´m struggeling with finding new good stuff to watch. So if you guys have any suggestions, don´t hesitate to write it here!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Socializing with the young folks

After meeting two cool kids yesterday I was still happy when the opportunity to meet more students came today. Many of them had placed themselfs in a the garden, which is right out from my livingroom. And I brought a bottle of wine and joined them. There are so many nice and interesting people here from all over the world. I love Amsterdam in the first place but after meeting so many good people today I think I love this city even more.


Tomorrow morning I have been invited to go to see the film museum with som other students. I am really looking forward to it if I can manage to get up early enough! :-p

Got another song for ya all that I think is perfect for this post: Young folks, Peter Bjorn and John.

Over and out for tonight. Sweet dreams, Maypaj.