Artsy fartsy: The dreamer is forever alone

George felt sad and lonely, there he sat on the little mountain hill looking at the city he now had left for ever. He thought about what he had lef and therefore lost. He would never again piss on his neighboor lawn every time he came home from work. He would never again kiss his lovely wife, or tuck in his daughter. He was forver alone. A dreamer, with bigger plans for his life than wastin it in a contaminated city with no real people or feelings left. The city was just a shell containing scattered parts of lost and ruined individuals, getting throug the days smoking to many cigrarettes and selling their soul to to earn money for the big companies, bearly getting by themselves after the months salary was paid. George shed a tear, and while staring into the bewitching flames he noticed a moth flapping quickly and eagerly towards the burning fire. He pointed his finger towards it, trying to snap it in the opposite direction, but the moth ignored his gesture and vanished in the flames. George took a sip of his beer, got up and yelled at the silouette of the city. ‘‘You see you f****ng bastards, thats what happens when you reach towards something you never can get. You  strive and strive looking for a bright spot, something better than what you have, and when you find it you become unhappy because you realize how awful you’ve had it, and then are you blinded and burned to death with grief’’. After this George sat down and watched the fire again, before he smoked his pipe and fell asleep, lucky at least he had discovered the thruth about life.