Ella Eyre – Deeper (Oflynn remix)


Just got this great song from my beautiful friend Margit Katharine.

1522966_10153684312135383_291276935_o(Yes, I gave her that awesome t-shirt for Christmas. Great, right?!)

Loved it instantly. Listen, enjoy and love you to!
Cheers, May

It´s my birthday!

Hurray, hurray! Suddenly another year has passed and I am 24 years old! Lucas arrived yesterday and today we are going out to have dinner at “Bazar Amsterdam” (http://bazaramsterdam.nl/) with some friends. They are know for their great marokkoen food and  it was Cristal from my class who recomended it. So excited!

I got presenents today! Converse from my mom and dad, rainclothes from Clara (Lucas´sister) and her boyfriend Gunnar along with a raincoat  for my biking seat and a cupholder for my bike. Hurray!


Now we are drinking rum and coke and warming up for a hopefully great evening! Tomorrow is not gonna be great though,since I have class at nine, haha. But as the cool kidz say: You only live ones! LOL.

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.