Cartoonofmylife: Easter egg mania


Cartoonofmylife: The smell of old books


Cartoonofmylife: Supah MayPaj on the watch out for bad seeds in Amsterdam


Artsyfartsy: Good morning from Amsterdam!

goodmorningGood morning to you! And thanks for stopping by my cartoon blog this lovely morning!

It´s friday, so work as a busy bee before you rest and chill through the weekend. Im off from work today actually, so this day is dedicated to creativity and coolness. So stay tuned!

Have a good one!

Best, MayPaj

Artsyfartsy: ‘Monkey-business’


Good night!

Just drew this picture! Its me on a bike going fast down Prinsengracht! Haha. 


Anyways, have a good night!

Cheers, MayPaj

Cartoon of my life: Eat, sleep, eat! Hangover sunday.


I’ve always loved food! And especially the day after I’ve been out. When I am hungover and tired I all do is cuddle upon the couch with loads of water and snacks to recover while I watch films, series and draw. Kinda looks like this: Eat, sleep, eat, sleep…in a continuous loop. Haha. 

Ps: Click on the image to enlarge it!


Cheers, MayPaj.

Cartoon of my life: One of the many challenges of marriage

Married life is as any other relationship; its hard work! But absolutely worth it. They key to a happy marriage, I have found, is to compromise. But with that said, its not always easy! Especially when your wife has flash self-proclaimed cartoonist and produces seven strips a day, or more, and need confirmation on every single strip she creates. (Ahem. Yes, the hopeless wife’s me. In case you were wondering). Luckily for me Lucas is a very patient husband! And in this case I usually tend to get the attention that I want for my fabulous artwork. Moahaha. Just see:

(ps. click on the image to enlarge it)


You see! The wife always win. Moahahahahahaha.

Cheers, Wifey

Inspiration mini contest!

Hey! So since I need drawing inspiration I was thinking that you guys could send me suggestions to something you want drawn and I could draw it for you and send it to you. So if you got any ideas for a birthday card or something just tell me and I will do my best. PS: Im not Davinci, but if you like my style we can work something out. HAHA.

Cheers, MayPaj.


Todays selfportrait


So this is the selfportrait of the day. As you probably have noticed I am hooked on the drawing pad! ❤ Moahaha.