Artsyfartsy: Turtle Neck Drink

A cartoon staring "Tony the turtle". This guy is clearly enjoying himself ;) Thanks for taking a sneak peak! XX, May

A cartoon staring “Tony the turtle”. This guy is clearly enjoying himself 😉 Thanks for taking a sneak peak! XX, May

Cartoonofmylife: Easter egg mania


Cartoonofmylife: Happy Valentines day!


Cartoonofmylife: The smell of old books


Cartoonofmylife: WinterInNorway


Cartoonofmylife: AmsterdamByBike with Gunnar

Welcome to today´s cartoon update from my life in Amsterdam!

Today has been pretty chill. But Gunnar and I had a bike ride in Amsterdam and explored this beautiful, pulsating city by night. It was super nice! And Gunnar is of course in love with Amsterdam, as you can see of the cartoon.

bicyclegunnarHope you have had a nice Sunday as well. And thanks for stopping by my cartoon blog. Stay tuned for more crazy cartoon coolness.

Adios, MayPaj

Artsyfartsy: AndHisFaceSaidItAll


Artsyfartsy: I.Ate.The.Apple




Cartoon of my life: Fighting flower cows

So…this happens to me every summer when I go to Norway to spend vacation at my parents summerhouse at ‘Jomfruland’. Wild, live cows walking around = wild west at the Island Jomfruland. Why? Because cows take what they want, like my pretty, freshly picked flowers, and after that, they shit where they like.  Oh, cannot wait for summer! 


Have a great thursday evening! And hang in there, tomorrow it’s friday! Hurray hurray!

Cheers, MayPaj.