Artsyfartsy: CatChristmas


Artsyfartsy: Catea


Artsyfartsy: AmsterdamCrazyCoolCat


My latest creative creation is called “AmsterdamCrazyCoolCat”.


Thanks for stopping by my humble blog, and have a great weekend!

Cheers, MayPaj


So, this is apparntly how I spend my freetime. Lying in bushed, wiggling my toes, talking to cats and listening to classical music. Ah, the joys of life!

Artsy Fartsy: New, custom made tote bag design




Made on demand for a customer in Norway 🙂



Cartoon of my life: Hanging out in the sunny garden


Today it has also been quite good weather here in Amsterdam. So Vas, Trevor, Lucas and I have been eating ice cream and chilled in the sun. It was amazingly nice to feel the warmth of the sun and the taste of ice cream! Hurray! Love it!

Hope you also have a nice day!

Over and out!! Cheers, Maypaj




Cartoon of my life: Oh, sun I have missed you so much!


Spring has finally began to come for real to Amsterdam! Ah, its so amazing! And as I told you earlier I spent my day outside in the garden. After getting some very needed vitamin D I now feel all weird, a mix of happy, meets energetic, meets tired, meets OMG its finally spring! Tanning absolutely feels good! You know, I sort of feels like I am a new person filled up with happiness and energy, but I am actually the lazy sofa pig I usually am. Haha. Oh well, I am gonna go with the flow and follow this good feeling. I am really looking forward to summer life and all the goodtimes coming up! Enough blabber for now. Hope you guys also enjoyed the day!

Ps. This is how happy I get when it’s sunny! Easy to please. Haha.


Cheers, Maypaj

Cartoon of my friends dream

One of my friends told me about her dream earlier. About a spider, spiderweb, a door, a forest. We sat down and tried to interpret it in many ways . With no success, haha. But it gave me a illustration idea. Ps. some artistic freedom added!


Cheer, Maypaj

Cat, coffee and good company!

I finally got company! And we had late lunch and coffee before both me and Alessio had ourselves one inspiration beer each. So now we are being super productive!ImageImageBut we had to have a little “cat-break” and pet the amazing cat that lives here. It is so cute and fluffy and cool! ❤ImageOh well, back to work!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.