Autumn has come to Amsterdam

Brr…today the weather has been really windy and rainy. It has even hailed! But before the weather got to nasty me and Lucas went out for a coffee and jacket shopping at “Episode”, the second hand store in Berenstraat. Got him a really nice and warm jacket! Anyways, here are some pictures. 



Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj. 

Good morning!

Since it has been pouring down the whole night I had a bit more chillier bikeride than usual to the school this morning.


Today we are learning about research and how to use OCR to systematize your findings and tagg them.


Its really interesting but a bit complicated and confusing at the moment. Haha. We are having Marc Tuters as a guest lecturer.

Gotta keep track of the lesson so over and out for now.
Cheers, Maypaj.