Coffee date at “Spanjer Van Twist”

Today I skyped one of my best friends from Norway, Thea. It went like this:

T:OMG tired. Burp, burp.

M:Look at my eggface. Burpadadurp.


T: Moahahahaha. I hate us.

M: Hahaha. Me to. But I kinda love us as well.


T: Yeah. We are awesome!

M: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


T:Okay, time to hang up soon….?

M: Monkeyfaceyeah, think so.



Then I went to “Spanjer Van Twist” together with Justin, Agne and Suzanne and we had the most amazing breakfast with applecake and coffee. After that we had a huge cocoa with cream for dessert. Yummy!


Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Visitor nr. two from Norway: Kaspar! Hurray!

Hurray! Today we got our second visitor from Norway, Kaspar. 

I had super late breakfast we him and Lucas at the cafe just around the corner from us. It was lovely sitting by the kanal, drinking coffee and eating dutch apple-cake! Good start of the day!



Now I have been writing postcards to friends and family in Norway. They´re going in the mail today 🙂


And now I have to write on my assignment for monday. 

Cheers people!

Over and out, Maypaj.