Back to the 80s playlist!

Since I am attending an 80s/90s party later I found this playlist with good old hits from the 80s to warm up to. Whayyyy! Enjoy!

Over and out.  Cheers, Maypaj.

Hurray! I got over ten followers!

After exacly one week of blogging I´ve got 11 followers! Woop woop!Image So I am celebrating with Kit Kat for breaksfast (hardcore I know!) and my new dress from the fleemarket yesterday!


Ps. Tonight I am going to a 80s/90s party at “Panama” here in Amsertdam.  Woop woop! Image

So theres gonna be a photo dump later with pictures from the party. No I am trying to get some inspiration.



Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.