Cartoonofmylife: Ferret-walking in Amsterdam


Today Ylva and I have had a walk in Amsterdam. So much fun watching that fuzzybutt run with her little legs and fat belly. LOL. Hahah. And also very nice with a morning walk.

Cheers, MayPaj

Cartoonofmylife: Sunday yolo wake-up-dancing

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Cartoonofmylife: Flypaint




Lost On A Mountain Top. Again. Why?!

Ever had the feeling that you where completely alone and lost in this world? I think all of us loose track of our path in life now and then. After all it is all life is so absurd and confusing. All we do is focusing on what can make our stay in this world a better and happy one. But what do you do when you donĀ“t know? Well, my solution is this; isolate yourself on a cold, quiet mountain top, breathe the fresh air and ask questions. And who knows, maybe the world might give you some answers. Or maybe you will get no answers at all, and in that case just enjoy the surrounding silence and sort your shit out.




The grumpy, yelling, frustrated man


In my dream I was a tree