A different Christmas card


2 thoughts on “A different Christmas card

  1. Salut Maypaj,
    as always your contribution is inspirational . . . My four acre property in New South Whales, Australia, is alive with snakes, so your ‘snake ‘ has resonance with me.
    I have red bellied black snakes, which are poisonous but welcomed; because they ward off brown snakes; which are poisonous too, but troublesome and dangerous. My view is that nature put them there; and their role as a control on rodents and rats, necessary, otherwise we’d be overrun by them. Snakes should not be hunted and killed, rather, they should be revered like your ‘snake’ ( just don’t tread on them – ha haa).
    Well done-

    Kevin Lee


  2. Kevin, thanks for your kind words! 😉 Cool to hear that you have snakes! Like em´and think they are fascinating but a bit afraid of their teeth :p Have a good Friday! Cheers, May


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