Cartoon of my life: This friday’s Flipit party!

Hello peeps!

Hope you are having a great sunday!

On friday ‘Imbull’, the company that I work for, had a great party! Me and my hubby had a blast enjoying the good company of my co-workers and others I had not met before, the free bar and the yummy catering food! Saturday morning we managed to carouse home in a taxi, eat night food and pass out till next day. 



Saturday was not as awesome as friday. To put it gentle. But one cannot have fun all the time, or what? The price for fun is a hell of a hangover!


But it was definitely worth it! Haha.

Today I have jogged in the rain in ‘Westerpark’ and been in the city fixing stuff. Now I am gonna chill, draw some more, watch crime series and chillax. Tomorrow morning it is back at work with my great colleagues 🙂 You guys should check out the site : it is called, and they have loads of kupongcodes, discounts and offers to many online stores, like Zalando, Nelly, Ellos, H&M and so on! Really cool concept! 

Anyways, enough bragging and sneak commercializing! hahaha :p

I wish you all a great evening! Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers, MayPaj


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