Artsyfartsy: Swagbird

Hoi! This is the pic of the day. What do you think?


Cheers, Maypaj

2 thoughts on “Artsyfartsy: Swagbird

  1. beautiful, I love your style.talking of birds, here is a photo of my pet chickens .they chase tennis balls (and cats) and fly onto my shoulder each morning! Their names are Pik and Skrik.Afrikaans for Peck and Fright. Not too difficult to see why, I think Afrikaans is very similar to Norwegian. It would be fun if you could ask me a question in Norwegian and I could Answer you in Afrikaans. We can then repeat in English and you can create a cartoon for your Tote bags based on the miss-communication.

    Regards and have lots of fun .

    Hjalmar aged 11. e-mail (My dad’s e-mail as I am too young to get my own address.)


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