Part 2: ‘Maypaj and the mystery of the king of bees’

It was a clear, dark night. The huge man, the beaver and Maypaj walked on a narrow path in the deep forest. Maypaj, who disliked the dark started to get second thoughts. – Are you sure we are going the right way, she asked the giant. The man stopped up for a minute and turned his head towards her. Yes, I know a fox living in this area that knows a secret underground path that can take us the forest king, he replied. The beaver was yawning. – Is it far to the fox? The beaver asked tired. The huge man nodded his head. No just a couple of more steps towards the right and we are there, he said. And they kept on walking in silence until they reached a lightning in the until now big, black and deep woods. This is the place, the huge man said. He took off his backpack and sat down on a large stone. The beaver joined him, but Maypaj who was nervous was searching the area looking for strangers in  the dark. A twig broke off right behind her. She gasped, and her face turned red of rage and fear. The fox came silently towards her. – Hello Maypaj, he said and took of his hat. Maypaj was stunned. Fox? Is that you? You are the fox who is gonna lead us to the forest king. The fox nodded his head. Yes, that is me, he said and looked her straight in the eyes. – I am the kings secret spy, he added. The beaver was just as surprised as Maypaj. – What?Why didn’t you mention this   before, he asked the fox. The foxed put on his hat again and replied: well, I could not tell you cause then it would’nt be secret he said. Maypaj and the beaver looked at the fox and towards the huge man. – How long have you two know each other, Maypaj asked the giant. Both the fox and the man hesitated. -Well, that is a long story, the fox said. -Yeah, and we do not have time for that now, the man added before he continued, after all we have a world to save. Come on, gotta get going. Fox, why don’t you show us the way. Maypaj and the beaver did no attempt to reject, shocked by the news they had discovered. And the fox led them into the dark, deep, cotton thick forest again. After a while they reached a big tree. -It must be many hundred years old, the beaver said with a gasp while he was thinking about what a great dam this three would make. The fox slipped under one of the root. He disappeared for a wile while the three others where waiting eager in the dark. Suddenly the large tree made a creak sound and bursted up in the middle. This was the hidden passage to the undergound path that the giant had talked about earlier. After you, the fox said standing by the doorway, and the giant, the beaver and Maypaj stepped into the underground, on step closer to finding the king of the forest and saving the world. 


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