Coffee and beer fun with Renske at Spanjer van Twist


Today I worked my ass off before I met Renske at Spanjer van Twist (my favorite bar in Amster so far) for coffee and then beer. I of course ordered a 0,5 l beer. Daaa! Norwegin style! ❤ And we had a good laugh when Renske ordered the regular beer which is super small compared to the large one. Omg! Haha. It was so funny I had to make a cartoon strip about it. And the funniest part was probably that we both became ‘brisne’ (tipsy) after one beer each (although I must say that I definitely have better tolerance and drinking style than Renske. moaahahah. Ps. sorry Renske!)

Anyways, here is the cartoon of my life: Coffee and beer lol with Renske’.

PS: Click on the image to see it in larger version 🙂


Cheers, Maypaj.

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