Trading oatmeal for falafel and being paranoid because of the world we live in


Sorry I have not written in a while. Just been too busy with life aka. assignments, school and sickness. Hurray!

Yesterday I got the greatest deal ever! I gave Sam oatmeal, she bought me falafel! After living on studen “gourmet” food (pasta!) for almost a month it was really good with a change! Yummy yummy!

Anyways. Today I finally finished my research proposal in Media Theories. OMG that was a relief! Writing 2500 words about what you wanna write 6500 word about in your final assignment in the course is a not easy, and not to motivating at times…bah. Even though the topic is interesting. I´ve chosen to write about the relationship between human and technology in our society today in relation to Vilém Flussers “urban city” and Gilles Deleuze´s “society of control”. Super exciting topic, but the more I read but the more I read, the more paranoid I get to live in the world we live in today.

Where Google for example monitors you and gathering gather information from every single trace you leave online so that they can use them to see what the human is concerned about and what our ‘technological needs” are. Then they can sell this information to the big companies that make technology so they  know how to develop the technological gadgets that cover our “technological needs”. The companies make a lot of money, but also influence how we look at the world, communicate with others and through which gadgets we do this. Aaaaa. See why I am getting a bit paranoid? They are probably ‘re watching me right now. Jikes!


Oh well, right now I am being a good studenta nd reading for tomorrows lecture. But it is soon bedtime since I have a 9 am! Yawn…

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

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