My illustration of a “digital hangover”

1) You share or upload embarrassing content online. It gets into the wrong hands. You are laughed at. Bullied and made fun of. You regret sharing/uploading the content. What to do?


2) Even though it may seem and feel like your life is over. It is not. There are different tools and applications that can help you cover your tracks. Although the content you upload always will be somewhere online, you can hide it an try to get your social media life back. 


3) If your “digital hangover” keeps on haunting you, ans the bullying does not stop this site has a lot of good advices and help options. Cause you should get some real help if the bullying does not stop, instead of letting it ruin your life. Take your life back today! 



Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj. 



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