Skyped with my lovely little brother: Oh yes, grimaces runs in the family!

So today I skyped my little brother, Emil, who lives and study´s in Trondheim in Norway.

Me: Hola Pages!

Emil: Hola pagesfuges ganges threee cheacky burpadurp. Image

Me: Nice friday night?

Emil: I got so burped and then I burped and then I jihaaaawooo. Good. yes. Image

Me: Burdpadurppartylurp. Fun. haha.

EMIL: OK, sis. burpadurp. Image

Emil: What does the fox say?!!!!



Me:OH, yes, tatanka! burpadurp fox says. Moaha.Image

Emil: I love foxy-ears so much ❤

Me: Burpadurpadurpdurp! Haha. Fox ❤


Me: I got chewing gum! Yummyyum!

Emil: Jealous! Yum, pagesburpadurpfuges! Image

Emil: But I got coffee!

Me: Awwww. BurpadurpJealous! Image

Emil: Wraaaawl! alsaburpa

Me: wraaawl. I ate to much candyyyy burpadurpdurp. Image

Emil:Caaandy! Monster! NOmnomom. Moagagaahahaha! Image

Me: okay, pages.burpadurptime to go now. hahahah.

Emil: 再見!PAgesburpadurplolll. LOL. Bye. Image

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj. 

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