Seafood wok ala Maypaj. Norwegian style!

So yesterday I made this really great wok with noodles, veggies and seafood! Wok ala Norway! And I decided to share this great recipe with you guys!


Here it is:

spring onion

red onion



chilli paste

fish sauce

soy sauce



egg noodles


So you do this:

Cut the veggies.

Unfreeze the salmon.

Put on the kettle with noodles.

Turn the heat on maximun.

Cook up the veggies with the salmon.

Add the spring onions and the smallest veggies at the end so they don´t get to burned.

Add the shrimps.

Mix the noodles with the wok.

Add fish sauce, soysauce and the chillipaste.

Mix it good!



Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

Hot or not? Leave a reply and tell me what you think!

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