Rainy day = series and stroopwaffel day

Brrr. The autum is really coming to Amsterdam! Along with the rain. Wich is kinda nice since I have loads of readings to do. But I am still not quite ready for the cold…as you can see. So now I am listening to the norwegian artist “Thomas Dydahl” and trying to embrace the autum wheater.Image

Here is some songs for yah:

(This is my favorites <3)

After I finished school today I went with Cristal to the ING ( dutch bank) to get a dutch bank account. And she also helped me out so I can fix a dutch mobile number. She is the best!

Then we went to Hema and bought writing books and maps to put our material in. So I am currently organizing my study material.


On the way home from school I took some rainy day pictures bicycling slowely through the town. Amsterdam is pretty and interesting regardless the wheater!



Rainy day = Breaking bad and eating stroopwaffel day.


So over and out for now!

Cheers, Maypaj.

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