Homemade juice + fitness day


Amsterdam is so good! But since I´ve had beers and wine almost everyday for two weeks now I decided to have a healthy day. Or at least I am gonna try. So I started making homemade juice of apples and carrots. It´s really good and easy to make when you have a juice-machine.


And now I am going to the PCH-fitness and sign up. It´s 10 euros a month since I am a student. Which is a good price for workout here in Amsterdam. Bah, cant say I am really looking forward to my first exercise since I have´nt worked out in such a long time. But well, gotta start somewhere, right?


Anyways. I found this really funny cartoon by a norwegian drawer called “Tegne Hanne”.

-Oooooh, I forgot to post the pictures of us exercising on Instagram!

– Oh, my god! Are you totally retarded, or what!? Why did we work out then!?


Ok. So I am totally gonna post all my workouts on my blogg. And on Istagram. #healthy, #lifestyle, #change, #workout and so on Moahaha. Just kidding. Or maybe I  will…

So now I am off! Wish me luck!

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

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