Pancake recovery + first day at school tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have my first real day at school. yuhuu! I am so excited and a bit nervous!

To recover so I could do my homework, me and Sam whent to a pancake place located three minutes away from where we live called “The pancake bakery”. ImageImage


They had really great pancakes, but the prices are a bit stiff. We paid around 17 euros each for one huge pancake and a small beer. But even so I´m probably going back again to try their pancake with banana and nutella. YUM!

Well, I now did my homework since my school starts tomorrow. Each and one of the students, unfortunaly included me, has to hold a powerpoint presentation about themselfs in front of the whole class. Yikes! So I made one today.

ImageAnd now I am reading to prepare myself for the lecture tomorrow. Student life, here I come!

Over and out. Cheers Maypaj.

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