Super awesome party at “Mediamatic Fabriek”

Today I am going to a student party at the Media Fabriek. Why? Because PRISM BREAK feat. DJs Emile Zile & J-Baggs (ABNIC) and Rosa Menkman (visuals) is going to play there. I don´t have a clue of how their music sounds, but their stage names sound so cool that I gotta go.


Well, the mainreason for attending is of course to get to now the New Media students better. I met my class earlier today at the welcome meeting and they seem really nice!


So now I am drinking wine and loading up for a good night.


And the best thing of all: I got a chair! Wohoo! Or, I have borrowed a chair and it feels so goof to sit in it!Image

Tomorrow I will have a photo dump to show you have fun and super awesome the party was! Wooojah!

Over and out for now.

Cheers, Maypaj.

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