New jeans, burritos and space cake

Today I´ve had almost the whole day for myself. I have been fixing som school stuff and after that I whent looking for a pair of jeans since I ruined mine last night when I tried taking them on. Why? Because this summer has been so fun! Filled with a lot of fishing, homedmade food and, of course, beer. And I also got married and partied for a week so therefore my ass is bigger then normal. Oh, well. It was definately worth it. Anyways: I found three new pairs of jeans at “Vero Moda” today. They where of a new kind of jeans -super stretchy and flexi – so it´s really comfortable to wear them. I show you pictures tomorrow.

I also fixed my picture for my student card and got help to open a dutch bankaccount at the service office at the UvA. The people who work there are really great and helpfull.

I tried burritos today at a shop nearby called “The original California Burrito”.

Skjermbilde 2013-08-28 kl. 23.24.33image

I was really jummy, especially since I just had shared a space cookie again (probably the last one for a while) with Justin and his new flatemate who arrived today. image_1image_2

This place had a really good cake. To bad I can´tremember the name of the coffeeshop right now….


So anyways; I am going to have an early night and whatch “Hit and Miss”, a serie about a female transexual serialkiller. Chloë Sevigny (picture) plays the maincharacter, Mia.


It is really cool! I recomend it!

Tomorrow I am going to sign up for my master courses since I forgot to do it on the web, and then I am going to sign up for training somewhere and then chill out in a park if the weather is good. I am thinking of going to Vondelpark which is a huge and really nice park in the Oud-West of Amsterdam. It´s a nice place for jogging, reading books, having a picnic or just lie down and enjoy the environment and the many different kinds of birds.

Skjermbilde 2013-08-28 kl. 23.41.09Okay. Im really sleepy, so over and out for now.

Bilde tatt 28.08.2013 kl. 23.03 #2Cheers, Maypaj.

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