A very short trip to the film museum and lunch at Roem

Today I overslept but still got out my door in time to take the ferry to the film museum with som fellow students.




The ferry ride was just a couple of minutes and free. Unfortunately I had to go back to town right after we had arrived because Lucas and his dad are on their way right now and I have to help them move in 🙂

So I took the ferry back.


Then I sat down at a place in Jordaan called Roem to wait for Lucas and Jörg. Roem serve good orange juice and salads.

They also have smoothies and pancakes 😀 which I am definately going to try some day! The service here is great and The prices are good. I Paris 13 euros for a salad, a coffee and a orange juice. And you can sit by the kanal and watch the boats drive by.

Conclusion: Roem is a nice place to have lunch.
And I am definately going to The film museum som other time. It’s a “to do” when you are in Amsterdam.

Now I am going to meet my husband and his dad.

Over and out. Cheers, Maypaj.

2 thoughts on “A very short trip to the film museum and lunch at Roem

  1. Hei snuppa,

    veldig morro å følge dagsprogrammet ditt!

    Kanskje du bør være litt forsiktig med å si at du har en ilder i huset – i tilfelle de som leier ut leser bloggen din?



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