Shopping posters at “Art Unlimited”

On my way back from lunch I got lost but fortunately I stumbled upon the coolest artshop ever called “Art Unlimited”.

Inside they loads of cool posters, postcards, writing books, signs and other cool stuff to decorate youre home. My apartment really needs a facelift. The walls are so white and dull and empty that you get the feeling of stepping into an institution when you get inside my door.

But not for long! Cause I found one super woman poster and a world map poster and som cool postcards and the coolest calendar ever with cinema noir pictures! ❤

So now my flat is going to look a little bit more awesome, which is good since my husband Lucas and his dad Jörg is arriving from Norway tomorrow.

Anyways, you should really check out “Art Unlimited”.You will definitely find some cool art to decorate youre dull wall with or maybe a cool postcard to send home to youre friends.In other words;this place is absolutaly worth a visit and is a “to do” when you are in Amsterdam.

Over and out for now. Cheers, Maypaj.

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