Shopping at Waterloopleinmarkt

Day 2:

Today I decided to buy a bike since I am going to live here for at least one year while I study a master at the UvA. So I went to the flee market in Waterlooplein to look for a functioning, half ugly bike and a good bargain. After walking a round for a while I fell in love with this blue and ramshackled bike.

My old-new blue bike.

And after bargain for a good while I got it for 45 euros even though the owner had tried to rob me for 65 euros. It was a pretty good deal since another guy had tried to sell me a lousy bike for 80 euros. So I am very satisfied!

Then I went across the street and bought a ringing bell, front- and backlight and a pink lock and got this lovely man (the owner of the shop) to install it for me. Wohoo! These netherlanders are nice!

The nice shop owner who helped me out.

I also discovered that they had smoothie and juice for only 1 euro!

Smoothie bar.Mmmm. So I bought one of those as well before I bicycled happily back to my apartment.


Thoughts this far: Amsterdam is awesome! Waterlooplein markt is really worth a visit if you are looking for cool old stuff and vintage clothing. Absolutely a “to do” when you are in the city. Check out for more info.

Over and out for now! Cheers, MayPaj.

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